This gathering together five times a day to pray in common is what marks the life of a monastic community. Liturgical prayer is the centre of all monastic life and because "liturgy" has its roots in"work", the monastic liturgy is the "Work of God" - the Opus Dei. It springs from the life and work of the community and centers and grounds all the rest of our life together. ...

After-School Programme

When we began to support the Children of the Cross to go to better schools in Grahamstown, we felt it wasn’t enough, and so we began the After-School Programme to tutor them on the basic fundamentals such as maths, reading comprehension and language skills. The children have a long day being at school all day and coming to the programme for another two hours of hard work. But they also seem to have fun as well as some of these pictures will show. The programme has also been blessed with some excellent tutors, June Walters and Ntombekhaya Myeki as well as young, creative and vibrant volunteers who have come from the United States as part of the Young Adult Service Corps Missioners, a programme of the Episcopal Church of the United States.

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