This gathering together five times a day to pray in common is what marks the life of a monastic community. Liturgical prayer is the centre of all monastic life and because "liturgy" has its roots in"work", the monastic liturgy is the "Work of God" - the Opus Dei. It springs from the life and work of the community and centers and grounds all the rest of our life together. ...

Events and fundraisers

Over the years, many people and churches throughout the world have offered wonderful support to our monastery, financial and otherwise. And some have taken the initiative to host fundraisers for us at their churches. One such fundraiser among others was a quilt show that was held at Christ the King Episcopal Church in Stone Ridge, New York where Brother Robert Magliula used to be the rector. The proceeds of the quilts sold went to the monastery. We are thankful to all those who support our work and caught on to our vision here in Grahamstown, South Africa.

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