This gathering together five times a day to pray in common is what marks the life of a monastic community. Liturgical prayer is the centre of all monastic life and because "liturgy" has its roots in"work", the monastic liturgy is the "Work of God" - the Opus Dei. It springs from the life and work of the community and centers and grounds all the rest of our life together. ...


Benedict says that a monastery is never without guests. So the Guesthouse is a big part of our work and life here in South Africa. We have been very blessed with the presence of a very wide cross section of humanity; from many nationalities and denominations. We also have guests that have become regulars over the years and in the process became very good friends. Thank you for your presence with us through all these years, your support of our guesthouse ministry and may we see you many more times in the future. Shown here is a sampling of the people who have come through our doors.

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