Benedictine monasteries are never without guests, and the guesthouse at Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery continues a Benedictine tradition centuries old of offering hospitality to both individuals and groups. We can sleep 24 people in 17 rooms contained in three different buildings ...

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Love must act as light must shine and fire must burn
- Fr. James Otis Sargent Huntington, founder of the Order of the Holy Cross

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A First Day for All of Us

It was clearly a first day filled with anticipation as we waited for the school bus to pull up. When the combi finally came and the little ones disembarked, one could tell from their faces which children were coming for their very first day of school: their eyes were big and they were looking a little doubtful. One child arrived hiding behind the leg of her uncle who brought her from across the road, but the staff and the brothers in habits welcomed all with open arms. The returning students were excited and eager to get started.

Holy Cross School was open for teaching! Everyone's eyes grew big as they were led for the first time into the strange building that has become their new learning home. The construction work is not complete, but the teachers and staff had worked hard to get the classrooms ready, because we were going to start the term on the 11th of January, come hell or high water!

All the classrooms and the assembly room were decorated beautifully by our teachers, assisted by Bongisani and Stephen, offering a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere for our children. The construction continues, with the workmen being diligent and even tenacious in finishing up every last detail, and the teachers just carry on with their lessons. And as Brother Robert James, the school's new principal, has said, the first week has gone very smoothly, even in the midst of the hammering and drilling going on around them.

Some of the boys from St. Andrew's College came on a breezier Friday afternoon to help plant some trees around the exterior. This is just another wonderful example of how people are working together to get the job done and make a precious dream become a wonderful reality.


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