It happened during our first Holy Week in Grahamstown in 1998. Three young boys were playing on the railway line on a farm just across the road from us. The train couldn’t stop soon enough and the three boys were hit. ...

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Love must act as light must shine and fire must burn
Fr. James Otis Sargent Huntington, founder of the Order of the Holy Cross

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Vocations ...

Men and women have been drawn to the life of monastic prayer for centuries. Within the Christian tradition Benedict's Rule has served as one of the major models for monastic living for more than 14 Centuries.

Perhaps the central expression of what Benedictine Monasticism is all about is summed up in the Vow made at Profession - Stability, Conversion to the monastic way of life and Obedience.

Stability is a commitment to the common life, prayer and work of the Order. It expresses the belief that God will encounter the monk in this community of men whom God has given. The search for God becomes then a common one.

Conversion to the monastic way of life. This is an expression of our willingness to be drawn deeper. It includes chastity and holding all possessions in common. It calls us to common prayer as well as private prayer, mutual service and silence.

Obedience is the promise to listen to God with an open heart and with the willingness to act on what we hear. In particular, it binds us to listen attentively to what God is making known in the Scripture, the Rule, through our brothers and through those whom we choose to place in authority.

" Perhaps God is inviting you to explore more deeply the possibility of
a monastic vocation. If so, contact the Novice Master "

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